Programming Theory: 5 tips on how to make a program

Published on Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Learn how to write a program properly and effectively by mastering a few fundamentals that every software engineer should know. If you want to become a better programmer or software engineer, then planning and designing are the two most powerful skills you can master. While the video only touches on a few of the basics, be sure to learn all you can about each topic individually, including requirement elicitation techniques, software requirements, design documents, SRS, SDD, modeling, object-oriented design and analysis, UML, etc. The five programming tips offered in this video are: 1. Don't spare any documentation (document everything) 2. Define your goals (have a clear vision of where you're going) 3. Don't get too attached to your plans (be ready to toss an idea and start over) 4. Gather requirements before designing 5. Design your software in depth For more programming theory video tutorials, check out the complete playlist at Other links of interest: -- Our YouTube channel -- Visit our website for more text and video tutorials, updates, and upcoming tutorial articles and events -- Like us on Facebook -- Follow us on Twitter -------------------------------- Other links of interest -------------------------------- -- Our official websites. Check out for more text and video tutorials, updates, and upcoming tutorial articles and events. -- Join us on Facebook and share our computer programming tutorials and how to's with your friends. Social learning is not only easy learning, but fun learning. -- Follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates from us, as well as other relevant and interesting links to other useful software-related tutorials, classes, and lessons.

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