Nintendo Web Framework - Nintendo Game Development

Published on Thursday, September 26, 2013


Learn how to develop your own games for the Nintendo Wii U! "The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment based on WebKit technologies, supporting application development on the Wii U system using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It also supports the Wii U GamePad controller, Wii Remote controllers, and JavaScript extensions such as video playback." Why this video tutorial series? After finished writing book "Learn HTML5 by Creating Fun Games", I came across Nintendo Web Framework program, which I applied for, and eventually got accepted for. Because of a non-disclosure agreement with Nintendo of America (NOA), I can't give out a lot of details about the program or some specifics about the framework itself. However, as I start writing my first game for the console, I thought I'd document the project as much as possible. Note that the purpose of this game development tutorial series is to 1) document my experience developing my first video game for the Nintendo Wii U system, 2) Teach you what I know and will learn about game development with HTML5, 3) Share knowledge with my friends who are co-developing this game with me. To apply for the Nintendo Web Framework program and become an indie developer, check out this form: It seems that anyone is welcome to apply for the program. If you are already a developer for NWF, feel free to ask me more specific questions - you'll know how and where =) Finally, if you're interested in my HTML5 game development book, you can check it out on Amazon

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