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Our mission is to share practical, useful, and accurate knowledge about computer programming and software development principles to curious minds, and those wanting to learn, improve, and perfect their skills. Our teaching philosophy is that simplicity, brevity, clarity, and focus on foundamentals are key to conveying truth and achieving understanding.


Like the most interesting man in the world once said,
I don't always get to be part of a team; but when I do, I am the team.

Rodrigo Silveira

Rodrigo Silveira

Fascinated by computer, and always passionate about teaching, Rodrigo started studying his first programming book from a public library back in 1998. Although he didn't take a formal computer programming class until college, his 10,000th hour of practical and theoretical experience with software development came about much sooner than that.

Author of the popular books Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games and Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5, Rodrigo's expertise lies in web-based technologies including PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, MySQL, and Java. He's also strong in object-oriented design and analysis, as well as software design and architecture. Passions inlcude playing, analysing, and developing games. Oh, he sort of enjoys teaching, too...

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